FAQ smash it room

Something you’ve always dreamed of but probably never had the chance to experience. A place where you can break everything without having to clean the mess.
Yes. It is included the following PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Helmet with visor, vest, gloves, boots and work suit. The use of protection is mandatory. And actually they look quite cool!
Choose one of the available menus, make your reservation online or contact us and show up on time. You will equip yourself, get inside the room, pick up one of the various weapons (bats, hammers, crow bars) and...Smash It up! Bottles, tableware, monitors, keyboards, atc, depending on your choice.
Yes. On our menus we have some predetermined sets (office, dining room) but, if you want a more specific set, get in touch with us and we will do everything to make it real. Crazy as it may seem, You’re the boss! The prices are adjusted accordingly to the set. We also have a showcase of objects on site that you can add regardless of the menu you chose.
Yes. Except for options from the Team building menu that has rules of it’s own, it is allowed up to two persons per room. Alone is good. Two is way better! But if more come along, the action in the room can be viewed by your friends on a TV in our space, while they wait for you to finish the cataclysm.
No problem! The showcase with objects willing to be broken is long and wide, for various prices and various tastes. And some are of doubtful taste. Really ugly indeed.
Of course you can. We have speakers that you can connect your mobile via bluetooth. With Pantera or Pink works really well too. Even with Vivaldi, for a change.
We are at Rua das Furnas 19A, Lisbon. It’s in Sete Rios, near the zoo. Public transports: 701, 716, 726, 731, 746, 754, 755, 758 e ainda... 762, 770, o Aerobus (from the airport) and all the buses from the Rede Expresso that stop in Sete Rios station. Subway: Blue line, Zoo station Train: Sete Rios station ...or the old traditional way: Walking!!!
18 years old. It is required an Identification document to verify your age and to confirm the signature on the responsibility statement. All in order!!
If you were to give a different use to the glasses than break them, maybe it is better to reschedule to when you recover. The entrance to persons under influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances is absolutely forbidden. No exceptions. The idea is to have fun and forget your problems. Not create them.
Yes. Whoever is pregnant can obviously visit us with other clients but will not be allowed in the destruction rooms or take part in the activities.
Mandatory and indispensable is one of the following documents: ID, driving license or passport, as well as good (or bad) mood. The lack of at least one of these documents implies the cancelation of the session without refund of the paid value.
Yes. They must not exceed the size of a TV. Can’t be lamps, can’t contain liquids, bad smells or potentially explosive or dangerous in any kind. Generally, garbage and rubbish is forbidden. The management reserves the right to select and forbid certain items.
Easy… Even James Bond had someone to provide the weapons and gadgets. Leave that to us. We supply the weapons. It is not allowed the entrance with other tools than our own. Don’t forget to bring is one of these documents: ID or passport
We have cameras adjusted and pointed to capture the “creation” of your masterpiece. In the end, for 14,95€ we will give you a 16Gb micro SD card, that you can keep. We don’t take responsibility for the use of cameras or cellphones from the customers.
The discretion will be guaranteed and the image on the TV turned off, no questions asked. This will always be according to the customers preferences.
Sure you can. And if possible with a kick ass soundtrack!
For hygiene reasons it is not allowed. The dishes and glasses are there to be broken, not to be used!
No. The reservation implies that other customers won’t be able to book to that time and therefore we can not refund the paid value. In case of appearance on the day but late, we will do our best to accommodate the session between other reservations, if possible. If not, we will not be able to refund the paid value.
You can check on these site the responsibility statement that you will have to accept online when you make the reservation and sign before you start your “works”. Beside that, all the rules provided must be followed and so do the instructions from our staff.
It all depends on the chosen menu. You will have to give others the chance to break some stuff too but the 5 minutes of fame we can’t deny you and they can go up to 60 raging minutes.
After the joy of smashing them, we want to make sure that the items go to the proper recycling place and therefore it is not allowed to exit with any object except our fantastic T-shirts/merchandise.


In face of recent events, Smash It Room informs that it has suspended its activities for our costumers and staff protection. Vouchers will have their deadline extended. We’ll be back in action once it is safe, so that our costumers can come and celebrate our victory over this challenging battle we’re all fighting.
A special acknowledgement to all medical staff in the frontline.